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8PM Whisky is a popular Indian whisky known for its smooth taste and balanced flavor profile. Here's a detailed description of this beverage:



  • Color: 8PM Whisky typically has a rich amber hue, indicative of its aging process and quality ingredients.
  • Clarity: It appears clear and transparent when poured into a glass, with no visible sediments.


Alcohol Content

  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 8PM Whisky has an alcohol content of 40%, which is standard for many whiskies worldwide. This ABV level provides a balanced and enjoyable drinking experience.


Quality and Distillation

  • Craftsmanship: Crafted with care and precision, 8PM Whisky undergoes a meticulous distillation process to ensure its quality and consistency.
  • Ingredients: Made from a blend of malted barley, grains, and water, sourced from select regions known for their purity and quality.



  • Bottle Design: The whisky is packaged in a stylish and sturdy bottle, often adorned with the distinctive branding of 8PM. The label typically features relevant information about the product, including its origin, ABV, and tasting notes.


Serving Suggestions

  • Neat: Enjoy 8PM Whisky neat or on the rocks to savor its full flavor and aroma.
  • Cocktails: It can also be used as a base spirit in various whisky-based cocktails, such as Old Fashioned, Whisky Sour, or Manhattan.



8PM Whisky alc. 40%

16,90 € Standardpreis
12,95 €Sale-Preis
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