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The 2-Compartment Sealing Container 613 is a versatile food packaging solution designed for convenience and efficiency in food service establishments. Here's a detailed description:


Design and Construction

  • Two-Compartment Design: Each container features two separate compartments, allowing for the storage and presentation of multiple food items or ingredients in a single package.
  • Secure Sealing: The container is equipped with a secure sealing mechanism, ensuring leak-proof storage and transport of food items.
  • Durable Construction: Made from high-quality food-grade materials, the container is durable and resistant to heat, cold, and impact.



Versatility and Utility

  • Meal Packaging: Suitable for packaging combo meals, lunch specials, bento boxes, and other multi-component meals for convenience and portability.



  • Pack Size: Each pack includes 600 units of the 2-compartment sealing container, providing a cost-effective solution for high-volume food packaging needs.
  • Convenient Storage: The containers are stackable, allowing for efficient storage and organization in commercial kitchen environments.


Purchase and Availability

  • Availability: The 2-Compartment Sealing Container 613 is available for purchase from food packaging suppliers, restaurant supply stores, and online retailers specializing in food service equipment and supplies.

Siegelschale 2-geteilt 613 /600St.

125,90 € Standardpreis
97,89 €Sale-Preis
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