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Chef Turkey Ham offers a delicious and convenient option for those seeking a Halal-certified cooked meat product. Made from 85% turkey ham meat pieces, this high-quality ham is meticulously cooked to perfection, ensuring a savory and flavorful experience with every bite. Whether used as a sandwich filling, pizza topping, or salad ingredient, Chef Turkey Ham provides versatility and taste in various culinary applications.


Key Features:

  • High Meat Content: Comprising 85% turkey ham meat pieces, this product offers a generous serving of savory and tender meat in every slice.
  • Halal Certified: Produced in accordance with Halal standards, ensuring compliance with Islamic dietary laws and guidelines.
  • Cooked and Ready to Serve: The turkey ham is fully cooked, eliminating the need for additional preparation, making it convenient for use in various recipes.
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for a wide range of culinary applications, including sandwiches, wraps, salads, pizzas, and appetizers, adding flavor and protein to your dishes.
  • Bulk Packaging: Packaged in a convenient 5kg block, it provides a generous quantity for commercial kitchens, catering services, and food establishments.



Chef Turkey Ham is presented in a durable and hygienic 5kg block, designed for easy handling and storage in commercial kitchens and foodservice establishments. The block packaging ensures the preservation of freshness and quality, with easy portioning as needed.


Usage Suggestions:

  • Sandwiches and Wraps: Use slices of Chef Turkey Ham as a filling for sandwiches, wraps, and paninis, complemented with your favorite condiments and vegetables.
  • Pizza Toppings: Add diced or shredded Chef Turkey Ham as a topping for pizzas, creating a flavorful and protein-rich addition to your favorite pizza recipes.
  • Salads: Incorporate sliced or cubed Chef Turkey Ham into salads, providing a savory and satisfying element to green salads, pasta salads, or grain bowls.
  • Appetizers: Use Chef Turkey Ham as a filling for appetizers such as stuffed mushrooms, savory pastries, or roll-ups, enhancing their flavor and appeal.


Ideal For:

  • Restaurants and Cafés: Perfect for establishments serving Halal-certified dishes, offering a flavorful and convenient option for sandwiches, salads, and other menu items.
  • Catering Services: Ideal for catering companies providing Halal food options for events, gatherings, and special occasions, ensuring compliance with dietary preferences and restrictions.
  • Schools and Institutions: Suitable for educational institutions, hospitals, and other large-scale facilities catering to diverse dietary needs, including Halal-certified offerings.
  • Home Use: Provides a convenient and versatile option for households seeking Halal-certified cooked meat products for their culinary creations.


Chef Turkey Ham (Halal) in a 5kg block is the perfect choice for those looking for a delicious and convenient Halal-certified meat option. With its high meat content and versatility, it adds flavor and protein to a variety of dishes, making it a valuable addition to any kitchen or foodservice establishment.

Schinken (Chef) 85%Truthahnschinkenfleischstücken u. gekocht,(HALAL) 5kg Blk.

45,95 € Standardpreis
36,79 €Sale-Preis
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