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Savor the succulent taste and tender texture of Brazilian Chicken Breast, sourced from the reputable producers Lar or Seara. This premium-quality chicken breast is carefully selected, trimmed, and frozen to preserve its freshness and flavor. Whether you're grilling, baking, or stir-frying, Brazilian Chicken Breast offers versatility and convenience in your culinary creations. Here's why it's a preferred choice for discerning chefs and home cooks:

  • Premium Quality: Brazilian Chicken Breast from Lar or Seara is renowned for its superior quality and taste. It undergoes strict quality control measures to ensure that only the finest cuts are selected, providing you with a premium product that meets high standards of excellence.

  • Versatile Cooking Options: Whether you prefer to grill, bake, roast, or sauté, Brazilian Chicken Breast offers endless possibilities in the kitchen. Its mild flavor and tender texture make it suitable for a wide range of recipes, from simple weeknight dinners to gourmet dishes for special occasions.

  • Convenient Packaging: Sold by weight, Brazilian Chicken Breast is available in convenient packaging options to suit your needs. Whether you're cooking for a small family meal or catering for a large event, you can easily portion and store the chicken breast according to your requirements.

  • Frozen Freshness: The frozen packaging ensures that Brazilian Chicken Breast retains its freshness and flavor for longer periods, allowing you to stock up on this versatile protein staple without worrying about spoilage. Simply thaw as needed and incorporate it into your favorite recipes.

  • Traceability and Safety: With Lar or Seara's commitment to quality and safety standards, you can trust that Brazilian Chicken Breast is sourced from reputable sources and produced in accordance with rigorous food safety protocols, providing you with peace of mind with every purchase.


Storage Instructions:

  • Store Brazilian Chicken Breast in the freezer at or below 0°F (-18°C) to maintain its quality and freshness.
  • Thaw the chicken breast in the refrigerator overnight or under cold running water before cooking. Once thawed, use it promptly and do not refreeze.

Hähnchen Brust tk (Brazil- Lar/Seara)/ Kg

5,49 € Standardpreis
4,49 €Sale-Preis
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