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Aluminum foil containers are versatile and convenient packaging solutions used in the foodservice industry and for takeout purposes. Here's a detailed description of the R808L model, which consists of 100 two-compartment containers:


Design and Configuration

  • Two-Compartment Design: Each container is divided into two compartments, allowing for the separation of different food items or ingredients. This configuration is ideal for serving meals with multiple components, such as main dishes and side dishes, sauces, or desserts.
  • R808L Model: The R808L designation indicates the specific model or size of the containers, with dimensions tailored to accommodate a variety of food portions.


Material and Construction

  • Material: Constructed from high-quality aluminum foil, which is durable, lightweight, and resistant to tearing or puncturing.
  • Features: The containers feature a smooth and impermeable surface, providing an effective barrier against moisture, odors, and contaminants.
  • Lids: Compatible lids are often available separately, providing a secure seal to preserve food freshness and prevent leaks during transport or storage.


Versatility and Applications

  • Foodservice: Widely used in restaurants, catering services, and food delivery businesses for packaging and serving a variety of hot and cold food items.
  • Home Use: Suitable for home cooks and meal prep enthusiasts for storing leftovers, organizing meal portions, or packing lunches.
  • Takeout and Delivery: Popular choice for takeaway meals and delivery orders due to their convenience, stackability, and ease of disposal.



  • Convenience: The two-compartment design simplifies portion control and meal planning, allowing for the separation of different food items within a single container.
  • Heat Resistance: Aluminum foil containers are oven-safe and microwave-safe, offering the flexibility to reheat or bake food directly in the container.
  • Recyclability: Aluminum is a recyclable material, making these containers an eco-friendly packaging option when disposed of properly.


Purchase and Packaging

  • Pack Size: Each pack contains 100 aluminum foil containers, providing ample supply for commercial or household use.
  • Packaging: The containers are typically packaged in a secure and compact manner to minimize storage space and facilitate handling and distribution.

Aluschale 2-geteilt R808L /100st.

12,90 € Standardpreis
9,89 €Sale-Preis
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